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Happy National Hat Day

Men wear ‘em, women wear ‘em, children wear ‘em and pets wear ‘em. Yessir, folks have wearing 'em for centuries. Whether you wear 'em for comfort, style, religious reasons or to hide a receding hairline, today is dedicated to all things hats. Colorful ones, plain ones, furry ones or fancy ones, Jan. 15 is National Hat Day.

Legend has it that on this day back in 1797, James Hetherington (Heatherington) strolled along a London street wearing his newly designed top hat. When people saw his hat, utter chaos ensued! Hetherington was arrested and fined for wearing a structure on his head on a public street that terrified people, frightened horses and disturbed the peace! But about a month after the near riot, orders for the new “topper” came pouring in and the rest, as they say, is history.

While today’s hats may still frighten some horses and humans, hats add flair to one’s style and serve as the perfect accessory and fashion statement. Plus, they help protect your head from the elements too.

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