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Happy National Nothing Day: Famous phrases about nothing

While holidays celebrate just about everything under the sun these days, Jan. 16 is a rather unusual holiday. It's National Nothing Day, an annual holiday that celebrates, well, nothing!

Legend has it that back in 1973, Harold Pullman Coffin created the day "to provide Americans with one national day when they can just sit without celebrating, observing, or honoring anything."

Popular Nothing Phrases

Since today is dedicated to everything nothing, take a peek at these popular nothing phrases:

  • Money for nothing.

  • Something for nothing.

  • Next to nothing.

  • Nothing is impossible.

  • Nothing to write home about.

  • Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Nothing but the truth.

  • Much ado about nothing.

  • Nothing is certain but death and taxes.

  • Nothing to hide.

  • Nothing succeeds like success.

  • Like nothing on Earth.

  • Nothing worthwhile is easy.

  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • Nothing to lose.

  • Sweet nothings.

  • Nothing to wear.

And speaking of special days - today is also Appreciate a Dragon Day.


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