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Happy Backward Day - Celebrate Jan. 31 in reverse!

If you are stuck in a rut or like to do things a bit differently than everyone else, today may just be your lucky day! Today is Backward Day, also referred to Backwards Day or yaD drawkcaB! Not to be confused with National Opposite Day, this annual event is celebrated every year on January 31.

How to Celebrate Backwards Day

  • Instead of waking up on the wrong side of the bed today, try waking up on the right side!

  • While reading a book from cover-to-cover is always recommended, begin with the end and end with the beginning!

  • Eat your dessert before the main course! And to kick things up even more, eat dinner in the morning and breakfast in the evening!

  • Instead of eating a sandwich with the goodies in the middle, put the goodies on the outside of the bread today!

  • Wear your shirt, coat, gloves and/or cap backwards.

  • Wear your socks inside out, on top of your pants!

  • As long as you are careful or have a “spotter”, walk backwards.

  • Try your hand at writing backwards, except on legal documents of course. See what it’d look like online.

  • Try writing backwards on a mirror.

  • Call people by their last names today.

  • Sit at your desk facing backwards.

  • Talk to people facing the wrong direction.

  • Answer the phone “goodbye.”

  • Play a board game and start at the end.

  • No matter how old or young you happen to be, recite the alphabet backwards.

  • Check out the garage band, Backwards Day.

January 31 is also Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, Scotch Tape Day, National Hot Chocolate Day,Brandy Alexander Day and Eat Brussels Sprouts Day. Enjoy!

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