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Singles Awareness Day: Don't feel 'S.A.D' and blue - celebrate you!

Between the beautiful roses, decadent chocolates, sparkling gems and romantic dinners, Valentine's Day can be downright depressing if you don't happen to have a significant other in your life. While February 14 celebrates love and romance, the day after Valentine's Day is dedicated to people who do not have a someone special in their lives.

If you are feeling "sad" and blue on February 14, don't despair. February 15 is Singles Awareness Day (SAD), an annual "holiday" that celebrates singles. Whether you are single by choice or not, today is all about embracing your singleness and celebrating the most fabulous person in your life - you!

How to Celebrate Singles Awareness Day

  • Why not celebrate the annual occasion by hosting a little get-together with your other single friends?

  • Do something extra special for yourself. Get a relaxing massage or head over to your local spa for a manicure/pedicure.

  • Take a trip to somewhere you've always wanted to go.

  • Go get that new 'doo you've been thinking about!

  • Whether it's a tear-jerker, hilarious comedy, exciting thriller or who-dun-it, make it movie night with your favorite BFFs.

  • Send yourself flowers!

  • If you are tired of being single, try something new. Why not give speed dating or online dating a whirl?

  • Love wine? Have a wine tasting party with your single friends.

  • Do something nice for someone else.

And just in case you or someone you know is in a foul mood, tomorrow is Do a Grouch a Favor Day

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