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National Strawberry Day

What’s red and juicy and sweet to eat? Strawberries! Today is National Strawberry Day! While the origins of this annual food holiday is unknown, National Strawberry Day is celebrated smack dab in the cold of winter – on February 27.

Whether you prefer yours fresh, baked in pies or in milkshakes, ice cream or jams, folks have been gobbling up strawberries for centuries. Besides tasting good, these tasty treats, which are actually members of the rose family, are loaded with good stuff - potassium, fiber, folic acid and Vitamin C. They are low in calories and have no fat or cholesterol either. And some believe strawberries may reduce the risk of cancer. And did you know that strawberries are the only fruit that have their seeds on the outside of the fruit?

In honor of this fabulous fruit, why not try a strawberry dishes, desserts or cocktail recipe?

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