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Keep Off the Grass Day

April 21 is Keep Off the Grass Day, an annual event created by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway, freelance writer and "Queen of Holidays," who has spent over a decade covering all sorts of traditional, unusual and downright wacky holidays.

While "Keep Off the Grass" can mean different things to different folks, this green holiday is observed in between two momentous events. Keep Off the Grass Day is held one day before Earth Day and one day after National Pot Smoking Day, the popular pot "holidaze" where millions of marijuana enthusiasts around the world participate in various smoke-outs, rallies, marches and "pot-ties" held each year on 4/20. Coincidence perhaps?

Keep Off the Grass Fun FAQs

  • Did you know there are two general categories of lawn grasses in America - Cool Season and Warm Season?

  • If you're tired of mowing yours, why not try a no-mow lawn instead?

  • And speaking of grass....Check out the band, Keep Off the Grass, a group from the Midwest known for their vocal harmonies and eclectic selection of rock, country and folk music.

  • If you think walking on the grass is no biggy, check this fun fact out. In 1894, wealthy politician, Jacob Coxey, headed to Washington D.C. with his "Coxey's Army" of 500 unemployed citizens to demand the United States Congress allocate funds to create jobs for the unemployed and relieve poverty. But before he gave his speech, he was arrested for walking on the grass and sentenced to 20 days in jail!

  • Watch the 1970 film, "Keep Off the Grass."

  • Please Keep Off the Grass is a song sung by A Blade of Grass and written by Sam Pottle and David Axlerod.

  • Read Karan Bajaj's bestselling novel from 2008, "Keep Off the Grass."

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