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National Kids and Pets Day: : 'Purrfect howliday' for Fido, Fluffy & Junior

When it comes to holidays, April 26 is going to the dogs, cats, rabbits and kids! It's National Kids and Pets Day, an annual "howliday" that not only promotes the magical bond between children and pets, but also helps raise awareness about the millions of unwanted, abused and unloved animals that end up in shelters across the nation.

This "purrfect howliday" was created by celebrity pet lifestyle expert, animal advocate and author,Colleen Paige, back in 2005. Paige is also the founder of numerous pet-inspired holidays including National Dog Day, National Puppy Day and National Cat Day.

While owning a pet can be a loving and rewarding experience for humans and our four-legged friends, Paige shares some important Child Safety Tips for parents who are considering adopting a pet in order to have a happy "tail."

Due to our current economic situation and various natural disasters, animal shelters across the country have been inundated with pets. Sadly, millions of these amazing animals will be euthanized each year through no fault of their own.

Please consider opening your heart and your home by adopting a pet from your local shelter or Humane Society. Give Fido and/or Fluffy the "furever" home he or she deserves - before it's too late!

Today is also National Pretzel Day - which means FREE pretzels across the U.S.A!

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