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Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

Calling all parents! This "holiday" is all about those very special people in our lives. Children, of course! If you happen to have one or more, chances are pretty good you think they are pretty amazing, right? But when is the last time you told them that?

It's Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, an annual event celebrated on the third Thursday in March. In our busy and hectic world, today serves as an important reminder for parents and adults to remind their children just how amazing and incredibly special they are.

The annual "holiday," created in 1997 by Camp Fire USA, is a call to action. It encourages adults to participate in the “national letter-writing campaign where kids receive letters of support, love and encouragement.” While verbal praise, recognition and encouragement is wonderful, having those special words in written form is priceless. Those personal handwritten letters can serve as an important reminder during children’s difficult growing years. And those heartfelt letters may become keepsake in years to come. And if you don’t have your own children, why not send a letter to a niece, nephew or special child in honor of the event?

Short one, tall ones, silly ones and shy ones – kids are amazing!


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