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Awkward Moments Day

If you enjoyed a few too many green cocktails or beers during the annual St. Patrick's Day celebration, this holiday has your name all over it! March 18 is Awkward Moments Day, an annual "holiday" that celebrates those embarrassing moments most of us would much rather forget!

While the origins of this unusual holiday are unknown, the person who "invented" Awkward Moments Day probably had a whopper of an embarrassing moment or created the event in honor of someone else who did!

Awkward Moments

  • You lean in for the big moment - the highly anticipated first kiss. But much to your dismay, the special person on the receiving end doesn't reciprocate!

  • You've been planning it for months - the big proposal. All your friends, family members, neighbors and even a few strangers all know about it. It goes off without a hitch and after you pop the question, she says no.

  • You make a quick run to the store to pick up that one ingredient when you see him - the hottest guy in town. He comes over to say "hi" when you realize you are wearing your grungiest clothes, didn't brush your hair and forgot to put your makeup on!

  • You sure do look familiar! You bump into someone on the street but for the life of you, you just can't remember his or her name.

  • You're stopped at the stop light and you just can't resist. You go on a digging expedition in the old nose until you notice the horrified expressions from the folks in the carpool in the next lane!

  • Despite the fact you studied all week, your mind goes completely blank when you take the big exam.

  • You're giving a speech and forget the words.

  • You are on a crowded elevator and you feel it coming. But no matter how hard you try, it happens. You pass gas - and it's not a "silent" one either! Blaming it on the stranger standing next to you is probably your best bet!

  • You swore you parked your car in row 27. But after 30 minutes of searching and asking a slew of strangers for assistance, it turns out you parked your car in row two.

  • Walking in on someone while they are "indisposed" is just plain awkward!

  • After being out on the town for hours trying to impress all the ladies, you find out your zipper is down!

Celebrities Most Embarrassing Moments

While we've all had them, imagine having your most awkward moment caught on tape for the entire world to see over and over again! Take a look at some of the infamous awkward moments by celebrities over the years.

  • While many things that happen in Las Vegas do in fact stay in Vegas, Prince Harry's infamous "nude romp"went viral.

  • Imagine having to answer a question in front of millions and not having the slightest idea what to say. Watch Miss South Carolina attempt to wing it during the Miss Teen USA 2007 contest.

  • While graceful may be your middle name, imagine tripping in front of millions during one of the biggest moments of your life. Actress Jennifer Lawrence tripped on her designer dress as she went up the stairs to accept Best Actress in a Leading Role at the 2013 Academy Awards. But no worries - Lawrence handled the "misstep" with grace and dignity.

  • Academy Award winning actor/director/producer Mel Gibson was on top of the world until his meltdown rants went public.

  • Janet Jackson's infamous wardrobe malfunction during the Super Bowl halftime event with Justin Timberlake. Ooops!

  • Actor Charlie Sheen made "winning" a household word.

  • Many people, including celebrities, struggle with addiction. David Hasselhoff's late-night snack is still difficult to watch.


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