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Be a Millionaire Day

If you’ve ever fantasized about being filthy rich, it may just be your “lucky” day! Although the origins of this annual “holiday” are unknown, May 20 is Be a Millionaire Day! Sweet!

For millions of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck, the real possibility of losing a job, not being able to pay the mortgage or adequately provide for the family, are all too common concerns. Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were wealthy? No more worries about being able to pay all those bills, or worries about health care costs. Just imagine being able to afford that new luxury car, having one or two beautiful homes in scenic locations or jet-setting around the world in your private jet or yacht? Imagine owning a fortune in art, owning a slew of sparkling gems and having that one-of-a-kind ginormous walk-in closet filled with fabulous designer shoes? Ahh, living the lifestyle of the rich and famous sounds pretty darn good, doesn’t it?

But if you don’t happen to have an oil field in your back yard and striking gold isn’t in your immediate future, you could always play the lottery, right?


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