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Be an Angel Day

Today’s holiday is all about helping others less fortunate. Aug. 22 is Be an Angel Day.

Inspired by angels, this annual holiday was launched by author Jayne Howard Feldman in an effort to encourage random acts of kindness and lend a helping hand to someone in need. According to Feldman:

"BE AN ANGEL DAY is a perfect opportunity to deliver to others messages of love, hope, faith, and peace -- messages from God that the angels deliver to us in our lives daily. Together we can serve God with the angels."

Whether it’s an elderly neighbor, a friend who just lost a job or a complete stranger, Be an Angel Day is about helping others. Being an angel doesn't have to cost an arm-and-a-leg. Meaningful acts of kindness is all it takes. One small gesture can make such a big difference in someone’s life.

How to Be Someone's Angel

  • Buy a cup of coffee or donut for the person waiting in line behind you.

  • Mow your neighbor’s yard.

  • Stop by your local nursing home and make a new friend.

  • Buy school supplies for a child in need.

  • Call one of the schools in your community and offer to purchase new clothing or shoes for a child in need.

  • Whip up a batch of something sweet to eat and surprise that friend or co-worker who is having a having a rough time right now.

  • Volunteer at a local soup kitchen.

  • Offer to clean an elderly neighbor’s home.

  • If someone you know no longer drives, take him or her out for a Sunday drive and enjoy the view.

  • Don't forget our furry friends. Volunteer at a local animal shelter and comfort one or two of the unloved, unwanted, neglected or abused animals.

Be a blessing to someone else on Be an Angel Day and pay it forward.


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