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Betty Picnic Day: Famous gals named Betty

June 8 is not only World Ocean’s Day, National Best Friend Day and Name Your Poison Day, it also celebrates those special gals named Betty. It’s Betty Picnic Day.

Betty Picnic Day

Legend has it that Betty Wilder and Betty Patterson founded The Betty Club in 1987 after wondering just how many Betty’s were in their neck-of-the-woods. They posted flyers around town asking area Betty’s to stop by the first Betty Picnic. And sure enough, Betty’s from near-and-far showed up, but unlike many get-togethers, there was no need for name tags at this event! The picnic was such a hit, it became an annual event. There is also a Betty Bingo and Betty Christmas party, too.

Did you know Betty was one of the most popular names in the United States back in the day? In fact, Betty was one of the Top 5 Most Popular Girls’ Names from 1923 through 1940, according to the Social Security Administration. Betty made the Top 5 list 18 years in a row. And speaking of Betty...

Famous Betty’s

  • Betty Boop

  • Betty Rubble

  • Nurse Betty

  • Ugly Betty

  • Betty Ford – First Lady

  • Bette Davis – Actress

  • Betty White – Actress/animal rights advocate

  • Betty Grable – Actress and famous pinup girl

  • Betty Buckley – Actress

  • Betty Hutton – Actress

  • Betty Lynn – Actress (Played Don Knott’s girlfriend, Thelma Lou, on “The Andy Griffith Show”)

  • Betty Thomas – Actress/Director

  • Betty Gilpin – Actress

  • Betty Lou Gerson – Actress

  • Betty Hicks – Golfer

  • Betty Crocker - Fictional

  • Apple Betty

  • Betty Lou – Sesame Street


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