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Boxer Shorts Day: The comfy undies men & women love to wear down there

When it comes to holidays, now is the perfect time to go down under - way, way, under! Oct. 27 is Boxer Shorts Day, an annual "holiday" that celebrates the comfortable undies men (and women) like to wear.

According to The Free Dictionary, boxer shorts are undergarments worn by men that cover the "body from the waist no further than to the thighs: usually worn next to the skin." Available in a slew of different patterns, boxers not only provide plenty of coverage but may actually be better for your love life! Some studies suggest that men who wear tight fitting underwear may have lower sperm counts. Wearing loose-fitting underwear may be the way to go.

And believe it or not, today isn't the only holiday that celebrates undergarments. National Underwear Day, an annual event that takes place in August, celebrates all types of unmentionables. Now is the perfect time to go through your "drawers" and toss out those holey, stained and worn-out skivvies and replace them with a couple of brand new boxers!

Oct. 27 is also Cranky Co-Workers Day and American Beer Day. Cheers!


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