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Daniel Boone Day: Celebrating the legendary American frontiersman

June 7 not only celebrates a cool treat Americans love to eat, but also honors a very important American legend. Besides National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, today also celebrates an American frontiersman – Daniel Boone.

Daniel Boone

Born to Quaker parents in 1734 in Pennsylvania, Boone spent a large part of his youth hunting and trapping in the wilderness. The pioneer began to venture into other areas of America.

On June 7th, 1769, Daniel Boone first saw the dense forests and beautiful valleys of what would one day become the great state of Kentucky. He helped established a trail through the Cumberland Gap and constructed Boone’s Trace, or Wilderness Road, which became a primary route white settlers utilized to travel to the wild west.

Boone became captain in the local militia during the Revolutionary War and was captured by the Shawnee tribe in 1778. He escaped and warned residents of an imminent attack.

Boone spent much of his life exploring the great outdoors. This American folk hero died in his sleep at his son’s home in Missouri on September 26, 1820. Daniel Boone was 86.


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