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Ear Muffs Day

Even though many of us have put away our winter apparel for another season, March 13 is Ear Muffs Day, an annual event. Who knew?

Legend has it that a young boy from Maine, Chester Greenwood, got tired of trying to keep his ears warm when he was skating at a nearby Farmington pond. After trying a variety of different methods and materials that were either too itchy or bulky for his ears, he invented the very first pair of ear mufflers at the young age of 15. On March 13, 1877, when Chester was just 18, he patented his Champion Ear Protectors and later, opened a successful factory.

When he died in 1937, he held over 100 patents. The Smithsonian Institute named Greenwood one of America’s top 15 outstanding inventors. In honor of this special man, every December 6th is Chester Greenwood Day in Maine.

Happy Ear Muffs Day!


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