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Go grab your finest duds and decorated bonnets. Whether you plan on celebrating by attending a sunrise service, enjoying an elegant brunch with family, attending a parade or participating in a fun hunting adventure, Easter is finally here!

As millions around the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, children from near and far are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the world’s most famous hare. Get ready to hippity hoppity, folks. The Easter Bunny is on the way!

While there is some debate as to when and how the Easter Bunny originated, it is believed German immigrants brought the famous egg-laying rabbit to America back in the 1700s. Children made nests for the rabbit’s colored eggs and left tasty carrots for the hungry bunny. While it can’t be confirmed, most experts believe the E.B. is a boy.

Today, the Easter Bunny delivers all sorts of sweet treats for children to eat. From decorated hard-boiled eggs and eggs filled with all sorts of decadent chocolate, to sweet or sour jelly beans, chocolate chicks, colorful Peeps and other delish candy, The Easter Bunny is one busy bunny. Regardless of how you plant to celebrate, Easter is a beloved holiday for many around the world.

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