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Go for a Ride Day

If you’re feeling a little stressed out these days, today may be right up your alley! Nov. 22 is Go for A Ride Day, an annual “holiday” that serves as a reminder to live a little! While the origins of this holiday are unknown, Go for a Ride Day provides the perfect excuse to stop what you are doing and go for a nice ride.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

In honor of the special occasion, why not hop on the car, bike or motorcycle? Heck, you could even hitch a ride on a boat, ferry, train, carriage or horse! And if you happen to have snow in your neck-of-the-woods, why not get out the ole’ sled or go for a sleigh ride? A skateboard or Pogo stick could also do the trick. Or how does a ride in a hot-air balloon sound right about now? Whether your ride of choice has two wheels, three wheels, four wheels or no wheels at all, just get out of the house or office and head for the great outdoors. Roll the windows down (if there are any), get some fresh air and enjoy all the sights and sounds Mother Nature has to offer.

Happy Go for a Ride Day!


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