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Happy Curling is Cool Day: Cool sport 'sweeps' America

Jinbo WANG

When it comes to holidays, February 23 not only is National Dog Biscuit Day, it is also Curling is Cool Day, an annual holiday created by the folks at Cool!

Although some fashionistas may be disappointed to learn this particular holiday has nothing whatsoever to do with hair, today's holiday has everything to do with a team sport that, at first glance, some may consider a bit peculiar.

Curling, a sport that began in Scotland centuries ago, is actually played during the Winter Olympic Games. In fact, curling is actually considered one of the fastest growing sports in America!

In a nutshell, four players on two teams slide eight heavy polished stones across ice toward a target at the other end of the ice. And just in case you are wondering why a broom is used in curling, sweeping makes the rock travel a longer distance and curl less. The goal is to get your stone closer to the center of the target. The team with the highest score total, wins.

Today is the perfect day to learn more about this cool sport.


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