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Happy Thomas Crapper Day

Today serves as an important day in history. Not only is Jan. 27 National Chocolate Cake Day and one of the world’s most prolific composer’s birthday, but today also honors a man that deserves his own throne! Literally! It's Thomas Crapper Day!

Although you may not be familiar with him, his name is synonymous with one of the best inventions of all time. The toilet! Thomas Crapper was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1836. He was a plumber with a reputation for quality workmanship and was a shrewd businessman. Although he is often associated with inventing the flushing toilet, he did not. But he did hold numerous patents for plumbing related products that helped popularize the toilet.

Crapper did invent the bathroom fittings' showroom and displayed his products in large plate glass windows which, at the time, caused quite the commotion. Ladies who observed the display reportedly became faint “at the shocking sight!”

Crapper died on January 27, 1910. He was 73 years old. He is buried at the Beckenham Cemetery and Crematorium in England. His company, Thomas Crapper & Co., is still in business.


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