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International Female Orgasm Day is Coming! Give her a hand!

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When it comes to unusual holidays, Aug. 8 is a biggy. It's International Female Orgasm Day, an annual occasion that celebrates the wondrous (and sometimes elusive) female orgasm.

Councillor Arimateia Dantas wanted to do something very special for his wife to make up for sexual debt he owed her and boy, did he come up with quite the idea! The Brazilian councilman proclaimed an entire day dedicated to the female orgasm - Dia Internacional del Orgasmo Femenino, or International Female Orgasm Day or International Day of the Female Orgasm. Whatever you call it, Mrs. Dantas is one lucky gal – hand’s down!

Whether you plan to celebrate alone or with a signficant other, today's the day to celebrate the "Big O!" Aug. 8 is also National Dollar Day, National Zucchini Day and World Cat Day. Meow!


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