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International Men’s Day: Controversial event celebrates men around the world

It's time to give those male friends, co-workers, fathers, brothers and sons a resounding shout-out and high-five, folks! Nov. 19 is International Men’s Day (IMD), an annual event that shines the spotlight on men’s and boy’s health and well being, male suicide, the positive role male role models play, improving relations between the sexes and the positive contributions men make to society.

First held in 1999, IMD is observed in more than 60 nations today Each year, folks from near and far celebrate IMD by participating in seminars, various initiatives, marches, debates and discussions. Men, women, girls and boys are encouraged to join in on the annual celebration. It’s the perfect opportunity for everyone to work together to improve the lives of men and boys around the world. Each year, IMD is celebrated with a specific theme.

The occasion, however, is not without controversy. Because when it comes to gender equality issues, most awareness has focused on the barriers women have faced and continue to face in today's society. But what about men? Regardless, today reminds us to celebrate the men in your life.

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