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It’s National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day - Purrfect

Have you ever wondered what your favorite four-legged friend is thinking? Well, today may just be your lucky day. Jan. 22 is (National)Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, an annual "howliday" created by the fine folks at Wellcat. Yep. It’s finally time to have that heart-to-heart chat with your cat!

This annual holiday provides the “purrfect” opportunity to answer all those difficult questions Fluffy has been wondering about. Regardless of gender, color, size, age or breed, cats are curious creatures that deserve answers, right?

Common Cat Questions

  • Because cats have nine lives, what number am I on?

  • Why are baths necessary? No matter how much you try, we are not dogs.

  • Why can’t I have more cat nip?

  • Who do you think came up with the phrase " the cat's meow?"

  • How would you feel about eating the same old dry and stinky food each and every day?

  • While some may enjoy it, most of us are downright finicky about what we wear. Feline fur is in – ugly sweaters and hats are out!

  • Did you forget that cats are the coolest creatures in town?

  • Why must you take away our favorite resting spots? We dig taking a short snooze on your newspaper, novel or homework.

  • Who says dogs are the only critters who can fetch?

  • No matter how many times you ask, we’ll never tell what we really do when you leave the house!

  • And just for the record - the dog did it!

Today also serves as an important reminder to visit your local shelter and give a furry friend a forever home, before it's too late.

Jan. 22 is also Nude Beach Day. Enjoy!


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