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It’s national lowercase day - write on!

While keyboarding teachers and bosses probably won’t be participating in this particular holiday anytime soon, texters will probably appreciate today’s annual celebration. October 14 is national lowercase day!

Rules of capitalization can often be quite confusing. While you are supposed to capitalize proper nouns, months and days of the week, you are not supposed to capitalize the seasons except when used in a title. And speaking of titles, they have special rules too. Job titles should be capitalized when used before a name or after the name in a signature line. But if the title is after a person’s name, it should be lowercase. First and last words in titles of publications along with nouns, adjectives and verbs should be capitalized but articles, coordinating conjunctions and prepositions should not. Some say determining whether or not to capitalize depends on how many letters are in the word. Geesh - who can keep it all straight?

And for young ones struggling with handwriting, check out these cool animated lowercase alphabet tips. In case your word processor can’t do it, Convert Case is a free online tool for folks who happened to leave the Caps Lock on. No need to retype it.

Who needs to waste valuable time capitalizing certain words anyway? So go ahead - live a little. Turn off that auto-correct and don’t hit the Caps Lock key today! Just be sure to put everything back to normal tomorrow!

Happy lowercase day! And speaking of holidays, today is also National Dessert Day, National Chocolate-Covered Insect Day and Be Bald and Free Day!


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