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It's National Mimosa Day: Cheers!

If you're feeling a little parched and need a refreshing drink to whet your whistle, go grab your glass. On the heels of National Cosmopolitan Day, May 16 is National Mimosa

Day! This annual holiday, created by freelance writer, cocktail enthusiast and "Queen of Holidays," Jace Shoemaker-Galloway, celebrates the delightful cocktail that not only tastes great, but is super-simple to make as well!

Folks have been enjoying Mimosas, traditionally made with equal parts of chilled orange juice and champagne and served in a champagne flute, since it was originally created at the Ritz Hotel in Paris back in 1925. While Mimosas are often saved for special occasions like Easter, Mother's Day, cruises or weddings, Mimosa Day serves as a reminder that these delightful beverages can be enjoyed any time of the year.

Get into the holiday "spirit" by whipping up a refreshing Mimosa cocktail today. Cheers!


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