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It's National Opposite Day - Or is it?

If you are the type of person who likes to buck the system, refuses to go with the flow or marches to your own drummer, today may be your lucky day! It’s National Opposite Day. While the origins of this annual holiday are unknown, perhaps that’s the point? And if this day celebrates all things opposite, is it really a holiday at all?

Regardless, kids are sure to get a great big kick out of this special day that turns conventional wisdom on its head. And since the most depressing day of the entire year was just a few days ago, it’s a great way for adults to break up the monotony of the daily routine and beat those winter blues. And in case you are single, opposites attract, right?

How to Celebrate National Opposite Day

  • Instead of eating that same old breakfast in the morning, start with dinner and dessert.

  • Get dressed then take a shower! On second thought….

  • Instead of taking the same route to work or school today, why not take a different route altogether?

  • Wear your shoes on the opposite feet!

  • When someone speaks to you, turn around before you reply.

  • When you talk today, try to say the exact opposite of everything you intend.

  • Read a book from the end to the beginning!

  • Watch the 2009 film, Opposite Day.

  • Check out Andrew Bird’s Opposite Day!

Enjoy - or not!


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