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It's Speak in Complete Sentences Day

If you are a frequent texter, chatter or emailer, chances are pretty good you may not be overly thrilled with this particular "holiday." May 31 is Speak in Complete Sentences Day, an annual holiday that reminds us of the importance of proper writing and speaking skills. While the origins of this holiday are unknown, a frustrated language or speech teacher probably came up with the idea!

While modern day slang, text speak and acronyms allow us to communicate with one another more quickly via various technologies, our grammar, writing and speaking skills may be suffering. Today is the perfect day to put all those skills we learned in school to use!

How to Celebrate Speak in Complete Sentences Day

  • If you can't remember the last time you wrote a letter using a pen and paper, here's your chance!

  • If you happen to have an old typewriter collecting dust, why not give it a go and try your "hand" at honest-to-goodness typing?

  • Write, and give, a speech in front of your family or friends - for old time's sake!

  • Speak in complete sentences all day long!

May 31 is also World No Tobacco Day.


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