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Kiss Your Mate Day: Pucker up and plant one on your partner

It's time to pucker up, America! April 28 is (National) Kiss Your Mate Day! While the origins of this annual "holiday" are unknown, who needs a reason to kiss your favorite fella or gal?

Although there are other "lipalicious" holidays during the year including Lips Appreciation Day and Kiss and Make Up Day, Kiss Your Mate Day serves as an important reminder to plant a great big wet one on that significant other in your life. Whether you and your honey have been together for just a few months, a few years or for a few decades, sometimes life's little pleasures or those special people in our lives, get taken for granted. It's important to remember that kissing is not only fun, locking lips helps keep the romance and intimacy alive in a relationship.

Whether you have thin ones, thick ones, juicy ones or dry ones, go grab your favorite lipstick or balm and slather it on your lips. In honor of Kiss Your Mate Day, put your lips together, pucker up and plant one on your partner. A little PDA is welcome!


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