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Move over, James Bond: It's the Day of the Ninja

Move over, 007! If you or someone you know is a secret agent or covert spy, it’s your lucky day! December 5 is the Day of the Ninja, sometimes referred to as International Ninja Day. This annual “holiday” celebrates the secretive world of the ninja.

Although shrouded in secrecy, ninjas date back centuries. Children born in a ninja family began their training at an early age. Ninjas endured a rigorous training process, often held at secret camps, to excel in martial arts, swimming, jumping, wall-climbing and throwing. Ninja’s became experts in using various weapons including spears, swords and bow and arrows. They were also experts in the use of poison. Female ninja, called kunoichi, also served in combat and served as spies often disguised as servants, concubines or dancers.

While movies, books and games depict ninjas wearing all black clothing and a black hood covering the entire face except for the eyes, some believe real ninjas wore clothing that blended in with others.

Today not only serves as a day to appreciate the world of martial arts, it is also the perfect excuse to embrace your secret ninja spirit and get your ninja on! Just in case you need to clean up a bit, Dec. 5 is also Bathtub Party Day!


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