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  • Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

Name Your Car Day: What’s your car’s name?

Whether you are a bona fide collector or simply have a hankerin’ for cars and trucks, today is right up your alley! Besides National Custodial Workers Recognition Day and World Farm Animals Day, Oct. 2 is also (National) Name Your Car Day!

Whether you own a classic convertible, a brand spankin’ new pick-up truck, magnificent muscle car or a well-loved, old beater, many auto enthusiasts name their cars, trucks, motorcycles and/or boats. In fact, more than 25 percent of motorists in the United Kingdom have pet names for their cars, with Charlie and Ruby topping the list.

Many celebrities name their vehicles too. Lady Gaga has a Rolls Royce named Bloody Mary while President Obama’s Ford Escape Hybrid is named the Beast.

How to Name Your Wheels

  • The first thing to do is look under the hood and find out whether the car is a male or female.

  • Once the gender of the vehicle is selected, now it’s time to select an appropriate name. The name needs to fit the personality and style of the car. You wouldn’t want a wimpy name for a workhorse of a truck, would you?

  • From “Kermit” and “The Pickle” to the “Sliver Bullet” and “Old Blue,” most people name their vehicles based on color.

  • If you still need help selecting just the right name for your wheels, check out this car name generatorfrom

  • Besides personality, character and color, what about its physical appearance? Look closely at “her” lines, curves and all-around appeal - or lack thereof.

  • Make sure you take the make and model into consideration too.

  • Still stuck? Why not name your vehicle after your favorite celebrity?

  • What about a special family member or friend? “Mom” or “dad” probably aren’t good name choices.

  • Many people honor a loved one by naming their cars after them.

  • Get the family in on the action and have everyone select their favorite name for the car.

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