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National Ask a Stupid Question Day: It's a no-brainer

When it comes to holidays, Sept. 28 has something for everyone! So what special day do you think today is? No, really! Not only is it National Good Neighbor Day and one of the very best holidays of the year - National Drink Beer Day, it is also National Ask a Stupid Question Day!

This annual “holiday” is typically observed on Sept. 28 unless the day falls on a weekend - then it’s observed the last school day in September. Ask a Stupid Question Day actually began in the 1980s in an effort to encourage students to ask more questions in the classroom.

If you were ever a kid once, a teacher or adult probably told you there is no such thing as a stupid question. But let’s be honest. Have you ever blurted out a question that was so lame, you couldn’t believe the words actually came out of your own mouth? It was almost like you were in the middle of an out-of-body experience and someone else uttered the words! Most of us have probably kept a few questions to ourselves because we were so worried we’d be ridiculed or laughed at by co-workers, fellow students or friends.

But today is a new day! In honor of National Ask a Stupid Question Day, go ahead. Take your best shot and ask away!


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