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National Aviation Day: Celebrating the history and the future of flight

Today celebrates the world of aviation. In 1938, President Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed Aug. 19 National Aviation Day which just happens to coincide with another important day in history. On this day in 1871, a pioneer in aviation history was born - Orville Wright.

The Wright Brothers

While Orville and his brother Wilbur owned the Wright Cycle Company bicycle business, the brothers had bigger dreams that would one day change the course of history. After several years of trial and error, the Wright brothers travelled to North Carolina to attempt four test flights in their full-size flying machine.

On Dec. 17, 1903, a coin toss determined Orville would go first. His test flight lasted 12 seconds! Each subsequent test flight lasted longer than the previous one. Wilbur flew the final flight which lasted 59 seconds and flew 852 feet. The brave flight pioneers soared into history as the first to make a “controlled and sustained flight in a power-driver, heavier-than-air aircraft.” America also celebrates the momentous occasion known as Wright Brothers Day each Dec. 17.

Today is also National Potato Day.


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