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National Be a Dork Day

If you're looking for the perfect excuse to embrace your inner geek, today is your lucky day! July 15 is National Be a Dork Day, or Be a Dork Day. This annual "holiday" was created by the creative folks at Wellcat.

How to Celebrate Be a Dork Day

  • Go ahead and slip on those plaid bell-bottom pants or favorite polyester shirt from the 70s that are still hanging in the closet.

  • Or heck, why not wear your clothes inside-out just for fun?

  • Or even better – why not wear two different shoes to work today? Add a loud tie and a pair of wild suspenders and you are good to go!

  • Why not gross out your friends, co-workers or kids by sucking on something that leaves your teeth or tongue a brilliant shade of blue or green?

  • With the popularity of selfies, change your profile picture on Facebook to the dorkiest photograph you have of yourself.

  • Frolic in the front yard for all your neighbors to see wearing Bermuda shorts that go up to here, white knee-high socks and black shoes.

  • Slip on the thickest pair of glasses you can handle.

  • Watch a few of your favorite dorky movies, like "Dumb & Dumber."

Whatever it is – the dorkier the better! July 15 is also I Love Horses Day, National Pet Fire Safety Day and National Respect Canada Day!


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