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National Bean Day

Hip hip hooray. Besides National Take Down the Christmas Tree Day, today is also National Bean Day! Folks celebrate this annual foodie “holiday” every Jan. 6. While the origins of this particular holiday are unknown, some believe the day commemorates the death of Gregor Mendel on this day in 1884. Mendel used bean plants to test his theories on heredity.

And did you know North Dakota grows the most beans in the United States? Whether you prefer green, yellow, white, red or black, beans come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. And make no beans about it. Beans not only taste good, but beans are one of nature’s most healthy foods. Low in fat, beans provide important nutrients including fiber, protein, iron, potassium and calcium.

While beans may reduce your risk of certain cancers and be good for your heart, some people don’t eat beans due to their well-known after effects. But no worries. Tomorrow is National Pass Gas Day!


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