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National Bird Day: Today is for the birds!

Whether you prefer black, red, yellow or bald, today is dedicated to birds of all shapes, colors and sizes – it’s National Bird Day! After all, who can resist those colorful feathers and beautiful songs? Americans celebrate this annual holiday, launched by Born Free USA and the Avian Welfare Coalition, every January 5.

Because nearly 12 percent of the world’s bird species may face extinction, education and awareness is paramount for the conservation of birds. While National Bird Day brings attention to wild birds, the annual event also focuses attention on the exploitation of birds in the pet industry as well as habitat destruction.

Many folks love to watch birds. In fact, one out of five Americans consider themselves bird watchers, according to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

How to Celebrate National Bird Day

  • Listen and name that bird!

  • Did you know 1 billion birds in North America die annually after colliding with windows? Learn how to make your windows more bird friendly and avoid those horrible collisions.

  • Create your one-of-a-kind Origami paper crane! Free template and instructions are included.

  • Make your own Hummingbird Nectar with this recipe.

  • Play the Bird Word Search game.

  • In case you haven't tried it, try your hand at the Angry Birds game. Just how popular is this game? Folks downloaded over 6 million Angry Bird games on Christmas Day 2011.

  • Want to help? Join or donate to BirdLife International, an organization that helps in the conservation of birds and the prevention of bird extinction.

Jan. 5 is also National Whipped Cream Day.


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