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National Bloody Mary Day

If you enjoyed New Year’s Eve a smidge too much, you’re in luck! Not only is January 1st New Year’s Day, it’s also National Hangover Day and National Bloody Mary Day. While the only honest-to-goodness known cure for a hangover is well, time, some swear that drinking a Bloody Mary the morning after a big night, can cure whatever ails ya!

Fernand Petiot is often credited as the “inventor” of the drink when he mixed equal parts of tomato juice and vodka at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris back in the 1920s. When Petiot returned to the United States, he spiced up his concoction by adding pepper, lemon and Tabasco, and the rest, as they say, is cocktail history. A celery stick was added decades later.

Today, there are many varieties of the classic American cocktail. In honor of National Bloody Mary Day, why not whip up one or two new recipes on for size?


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