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National Cereal Day

Today is National Cereal Day! This annual food holiday, celebrated each year on March 7, is all about cereal.

Whether you prefer yours hot or cold, smothered in milk, loaded with sugar or topped with healthy fruit, folks have been enjoying cereal for years.

It is believed that Dr. John Kellogg invented the first corn flakes, call “flaked corn”. He also invented peanut butter.

Dr. Kellogg, a vegetarian, worked tirelessly to develop healthier foods for his patients at the Battle Creek Sanitarium.  He believed bland foods would not only help improve digestion, but would discourage – wait for it – masturbation!

According to Forbes Magazine, Kellogg  wrote, “Highly seasoned [meats], stimulating sauces... and dainty tidbits in endless variety,” Kellogg wrote, “irritate [the] nerves and… react upon the sexual organs.”

Well, ok then!


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