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National Checkers Day: Game on!

While holidays celebrate momentous occasions, famous people, and seasonal events, Sept. 23 celebrates something a bit different. It's National Checkers Day - but it's probably not what you think.

Checkers Speech

On this day in 1952, vice presidential hopeful Richard Nixon gave his infamous “Checkers Speech.” During the speech, he assured the public that he had not misused campaign funds but did admit to keeping one of the gifts he received after the election – an adorable, black and white spotted cocker spaniel. Nixon’s six-year-old daughter named him Checkers.

And speaking of politics and dogs, today is also National Dogs in Politics Day!

How to Celebrate National Checkers Day

  • In honor of National Checkers Day, wear a checkered tie or pair of funky, checkered pants or socks to work today.

  • If you are thinking about adopting a pet from your local animal shelter, look for a spotted one and name him or her Checkers.

  • Or why not dust off the old checkers board and play a game or two with the kids or your significant other?

  • If you don’t happen to have a game at home, why not try your hand at a free game ofonline checkers? You can also play a match or two against others online as well.

  • And younger kids will have a ball playing this free printable checkers game,directions included.

Happy National Checkers Day!

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