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National Cheesecake Day

Have you heard the latest? A mouth-watering foodie holiday is hours away and Americans are ready to celebrate! If your taste buds have been screaming for a rich and decadent sweet treat to eat, go grab your fork! July 30 is one of the very best food-inspired holidays in the entire year. Hip hip hooray, it’s National Cheesecake Day!

Typically made with cream cheese, eggs and a graham cracker crust, folks have been devouring cheesecakes for centuries. It is believed that cheesecake actually originated in the Greek islands thousands of years ago. Today’s cheesecakes are available in a wide variety of amazing flavors that are hard to resist. Whether you prefer yours topped with fruit, loaded with chocolate or nice and plain, who needs an excuse to devour a slice or two of decadent cheesecake?


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