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National Comic Book Day: Celebrate with a superhero, alien or villain

Have you heard the news? If you love superheroes or muscular masked men wearing skin-tight tights, today is your lucky day! Move over, Batman and Robin! Hold onto your cape, Superman. A very special occasion is hours away and Americans are ready to celebrate! Wham, bam, boom - Sept. 25 is National Comic Book Day in the U.S.A! This annual holiday, not to be confused with the popular Free Comic Book Day observed in May, is a special day dedicated to the millions of comic book lovers across America.

Comic books have been around for decades. It is believed Superman was the first superhero to enter the comic book scene back in 1938. Whether you love vile villains, out-of-this world aliens, incredible creatures, damsels in distress and/or crusaders in spandex, comic books provide an imaginary journey filled with all sorts of characters.

Whether you enjoy a special comic book character or are a comic book collector, comic books offer affordable entertainment for young and old alike. In honor of this day, why not dust off those old comics and take a trip down memory lane? Today would also be the perfect time to get the kids started on their own comic book collection, something that may be a lucrative investment down the road. Why not take the kiddies to your neighborhood comic book store and pick up a new comic book in honor of the occasion?

Sept. 25 is also National One Hit Wonder Day.


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