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National Coming Out Day: Equal Rights For All Regardless Who We Love

Oct. 11 is National Coming Out Day, an annual international human rights awareness “holiday” that not only celebrates those who have publicly disclosed being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ), but also promotes the need for a safe environment for those who come out and live openly.

On this day in 1987, an estimated 500,000 people took part in the historic March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. Psychologist Rob Eichberg and activist Jean O'Leary created the annual event which is observed on the anniversary of the march. Each year, people, communities and college campuses take part in NCOD and today, it is observed in many countries around the world.

While there has been much progress and support for the LGBT community over the years and more and more states embrace marriage equality, ridicule, discrimination and hatred against the gay community still occur. National Coming Out Day serves as an important reminder that everyone in our nation should be afforded the same rights and liberties regardless of one's skin color, gender, economic status, religious belief or whom we love. Today is the perfect time to live your own truth and celebrate who you are!

Oct. 11 is also National Sausage Pizza Day.

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