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National Compliment Day: You are fabulous!

Jan. 24 is National Compliment Day, also referred to as Compliment Day. According to, a compliment is an expression of praise, commendation, admiration, respect or regard. This annual holiday, created in 1998 by authors Debby Hoffman and Kathy Chamberlin, serves as a reminder to "connect positively with those you come in contact with."

Let's face it. Many of us lead very hectic lives. Between the career, the kids, that never-ending to-do list and the constant chores, who has the time to notice the little things much less comment on them? But when is the last time you gave someone a heart-felt compliment? Or when was the last time someone gave you an unsolicited compliment? Compliments make us feel appreciated, needed and loved. And who doesn't want that? And you never really know just how much a few kind words can lift someone's spirit.

In honor of National Compliment Day, make a point to compliment everyone you see.

  • Compliment someone's hairstyle, outfit or jewelry.

  • Thank a stranger for letting you go first in line or in traffic.

  • Comment on someone's smile.

  • Thank co-workers for their hard work and effort.

  • Remind your significant other just how much you appreciate him or her.

  • Tell your children you are going to start a new tradition by saying one complimentary thing each and every day.

And speaking of appreciation, Jan. 24 is also National Peanut Butter Day and Beer Can Appreciation Day! And by the way, you're fabulous!


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