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National Cookie Day: The tasty treats Americans love to eat

When it comes to delicious food holidays, Dec. 4 takes the cake! One of the sweetest days of the entire year is here. Move over, Cookie Monster. It’s National Cookie Day in the U.S.A., an annual holiday dedicated to those tasty sweet treats we love to eat. While the origins of National Cookie Day are unknown, people have been enjoying cookies for centuries!

Today, these delightful “little cakes” come in all sorts of varieties, flavors, shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer yours hard and crunchy or soft and chewy, cookies not only taste good, but also evoke all sorts of pleasurable memories from days gone by. Who can forget grandma whipping up a batch of the family’s favorite cookies while gathered around the kitchen stove?

Don't forget - Santa Claus will be coming to town before you know it and a fabulous cookie recipe is a must-have to keep Kris Kringle’s jingle going! And speaking of Santa, today is also Santa's List Day!


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