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National Grand Marnier Day

July 14 not only celebrates National Nude Day and Bastille Day, but also celebrates France's "first and most exported liqueur" - Grand Marnier! It's National Grand Marnier Day!

Invented in France in the 1880s, Grand Marnier is a sweet liqueur made from cognac and handpicked bitter oranges selected from plantations from the tropical regions of the world. The green Citrus Bigaradia peels are left to dry naturally for several weeks under the warm Caribbean sun ensuring the retention of an intense orange aroma and flavor. The delightful combination of the essence of orange, fine aged cognac and sugar syrup creates the tasty triple sec liqueur the world has grown to love. Besides being a delicious cocktail, Grand Marnier is often used in cooking.

In honor of National Grand Marnier Day, why not whip up one or two of the fabulous marnier inspired recieps? Vive la France!


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