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National Hillbilly Day

While millions of Americans are busy celebrating America’s birthday, July 4 is also National Hillbilly Day, y'all! While the origins of this annual “holiday” are unknown, hillbillies are often described as simple country folk who live in rural, remote areas of the south and are often out of touch with modern society.

And how does one celebrate the annual holiday? The best way to observe National Hillbilly Day is to go to a Hillbilly party, of course. After you get done with your parade and backyard barbecue, why not sit a spell and get your Hillbilly on!

Hillbilly Party 101

  • Slip on your favorite pair of overalls and fanciest straw hat before you head out the trailer and head for the pickup truck.

  • If you notice any road kill along the way to the party, throw it in the back of the truck. Road kill makes some mighty tasty vittles.

  • You can’t have a party without some great family-friendly entertainment, right? How about a greased pig or spittin’ contest?

  • If music is more your cup of tea, try your hand playing the spoons or Dueling Banjos.

  • Shotgun weddings are also a favorite activity during hillbilly get-togethers. Hope you remembered your shotgun.

  • If you’ve got a hankerin’ for something to whet your whistle after enjoying all that grub, try a sip or two of granny’s homemade moonshine.

How Else to Celebrate National Hillbilly Day

  • If you can’t make it to a Hillbilly party in your neck-of-the-woods, why not watch an old episode of the classic television series, “The Beverly Hillbillies.”

  • If you haven’t seen it in a while, watch Jon Voight and Burt Reynolds in the disturbing film, “The Deliverance.”

  • Just in case you don’t know if you are one or not, be sure to read "300 Reasons Why You Might Be a Redneck" by Jeff Foxworthy.

July 4 is also National Country Music Day. Don’t forget other hillbilly-related holidays like National Bubba Day and National Hollerin’ Contest Day.


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