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National Nose Picking Day: A day to pick & flick those little ‘boogers’

When it comes to special days, this one has got to be one of the most unusual holidays in the entire year! You won't need to get out the tissue for this one, folks. April 23 is International Nose Picking Day, also known National Nose Picking Day. Seriously.

While it may be disgusting, we all do it. Whether you pick it like there is no tomorrow or flick it as far as the little “boogers” will fly, it is estimated most of us do it about four times a day! And chances are pretty good you’ve probably been caught doin’ it, too. Ewww.

In fact, a popular sitcom from the 90s was all about nose picking. In “The Pick,” Jerry Seinfeld was going at it in his car when a possible love interest pulled up along side him and witnessed the act first “hand.” While Jerry swore up and down it was only a scratch and not a pick, he did admit to his buddy George, there may have been some initial nostril penetration! Needless to say, the relationship between Seinfeld and the pretty model could not withstand the perceived pick and the relationship crumbled.

April 23 is also National Picnic Day, Lover’s Day and Talk Like Shakespeare Day.


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