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National Only Child Day: Only kids get a special day, too!

Each year on April 10, brothers and sisters across America celebrate the annual Siblings Day holiday. But what about the millions of Americans who don't have any brothers or sisters? April 12 is National Only Child Day, a special day that celebrates the only child in the family.

Whether you have one, two or a slew of siblings or happen to be a one-and-only, there are advantages and disadvantages of having siblings as well as being an only child.

Only children don't have to share toys or bedrooms with annoying brothers and sisters. They can sit in the front seat of the car anytime they want to, too. Plus, only children don't have to fight for their parents undivided attention. And, most importantly, they don't have to wear those dingy, tired and tattered, hand-me-down clothes and shoes.

On the other hand - singlets don't have brothers and sisters to play (fight) with. They can't blame that broken or missing valuable on their sibling (although Fido most certainly could have done it!) But for some, being an only child can be lonely. And some people assume an only child means a spoiled, selfish child.

Despite some negative stereotypes, only children do quite well and enjoy very successful careers and lives, just like those of us with siblings. And by the way, only children have two special days to celebrate during the year. National Only-Children's Day is observed on the last Sunday in July.

April 12 is also National Licorice Day and National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day.

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