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National Pretzel Day in the U.S.A!

If you could use a little free "dough" these days, you're in luck! April 26 is National Pretzel Day (NPD) and that means one thing - free and really cheap pretzels across America!

Whether you prefer yours crisp and crunchy, warm and chewy or dipped and drenched, this annual food holiday has been celebrated since United States Representative Robert Walker introduced the idea to Congress back in 1983.

Enjoyed for centuries, pretzels were, well, kind of boring back in the day. Today’s pretzels come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and delicious gourmet flavors. Not only are pretzels a tasty treat to eat any time of the day or night, pretzels are often regarded as a symbol of good luck and prosperity!

In honor of National Pretzel Day, some establishments across the country are giving away free or nearly-free pretzels. Sweet!


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