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National Puppy Day: 'Howliday' helps four-legged friends

When it comes to "howlidays," March 23 is going to the dogs – literally. It's National Puppy Day, an annual holiday created in 2006 by Pet Lifestyle Expert, author and animal lover, Colleen Paige. National Puppy Day not only serves as a reminder to adopt (and not shop) from a local animal shelter, but also helps shine the spotlight on the horrors of puppy mills.

The next time you walk by a pet store, do you ever wonder where these cute and cuddly animals come from? While some may come from responsible breeders, many come from puppy mills. Many animals in puppy mills endure horrific, inhumane conditions. Many live their lives crammed into tiny, filthy cages with no human companionship – never allowed to run, jump or fetch outside their cramped confines. Many become sick and do not receive proper care. Many are yanked from their mothers far too early and never learn the proper doggy skills required to make a great pet.

And life is really "ruff" for the mothers. After having numerous litters, when mothers can no longer have puppies, many are killed, abandoned or sent to other puppy mills. It is estimated that there are between 8,000 and 10,000 puppy mills in America today. We can put these disgusting puppy mills out of business and put an end to this cruel cycle by adopting from a local shelter or pound instead of buying a furry friend from a pet store,

Please consider opening your heart and your home to an animal in need. Visit your local animal shelter, pound or Humane Society today – before it’s too late. Help save a life and provide another happy "tail" for these amazing animals.


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