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National Rum Day: Get into the holiday ‘spirit’ with a great tasting rum

Have you heard the big "buzz"? A highly anticipated day of the year is here and folks around the country are anxious to celebrate! If you need a little something to get you into the holiday “spirit,” get ready to raise your glass, America. Aug. 16 is National Rum Day in the U.S.A!

While the origins of this “spirited” holiday are unknown, people have been drinking rum forcenturies. Originally used for medicinal purposes, rum was actually the drink of choice for pirates back in the day. This distilled alcoholic beverage, made from sugarcane byproducts, is now produced all over the world and is available in many distinct flavors.

Whether you drink it straight or prefer yours in a tropical cocktail topped with a colorful umbrella, today is the perfect day to whet your whistle with a delightful rum beverage.

Today is also National Tell a Joke Day and National Bratwurst Day.


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