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National Tater Day: Fun Spud Facts

March 31 is National Tater Day, an annual "food holiday" that celebrates the delicious spud! Whether you prefer baked, roasted, loaded, scalloped, mashed, hashed, smashed, stuffed, Frenched or fried, potatoes are a versatile vegetable that Americans love to eat!

In honor of National Tater Day, check out these fun tater facts and be sure to a tasty tater-inspired dish in honor of the occasion.

Fun Spud Facts

  • According to the National Potato Council, an average potato contains no fat, no cholesterol and has about 100-110 calories each.

  • The potato contains about 80 percent water.

  • The "average" American eats over 137 pounds of potatoes annually (fresh, frozen, boxed, canned and potato chips)

  • High in fiber, potassium and vitamin C, potatoes are also considered an antioxidant.

  • Idaho is the top potato producer - producing over 14 billion pounds of potatoes in 2012 with Washington and Wisconsin taking the second and third spots.

  • The potato was the first veggie grown in space.

  • Potatoes have been used to heal and help prevent a variety of health issues. From skin blemishes, frostbite and sunburn, to toothaches, sore throats, aches and pains.


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